One of Kumano Sanjya divided a shrine’s tutelary deity from Kumano-Sanzan.

It is also called ‘Hongu-Juni-Shin’ and the enshrined deity is Ketsumikonokami, the god of farming. It was transferred to the current place in 1658 and it located at ‘Odate’ on the top of the mountain, 500m away from the current place. Kumanodo Juunishin Shishi Odori, told by the mountain priest 500 years ago and designated as intangible cultural property by the city includes Ohama-kudari and Yabusame.

Shunreisai (spring festival around 3rd Sunday in April)

Shureisai (fall festival around 1st Sunday in October)

Area Takadate Area
Address Aza Gotanda34,Kumanodo,Takadate,Natori City
Parking Parking: Available (No charge / Capacity is approx. 20 cars, big size bus is possible to park)
Access 15mins by walk from bus"Sogodai-Line"(Natorin-go) Nachigaoka Iriguchi Bus stop

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