The view and night view from the ocean view hill park

Panorama view of downtown of Natori and the Pacific Ocean.

The ocean view hill park which has many kinds of seasonal greens including grouse. It is a great view from the park since it is located on the hill of Yuriga oka housing complex. If it is sunny day, you can see the Pacific Oceans and the lands of Kinka Mountain dimly. Your mind will be relaxed and calmed if you see the magnificent panorama view. You can enjoy in the huge park. The parking space is closed in the night time. If you want to visit here in the night time, please use public transportation.

Area Takadate Area
Address In Yuriga Oka 5 chome, Natori city
Parking Parking: capacity is 20 cars only for daytime
Access 1 min from ‘Yuriga oka 5 chome’ bus station

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