Umaimon Natori in Sendai Airport

You can enjoy Natori city’s local foods and cultures

It is held for 2 days in the terminal building at Sendai Airport. In 2014, there were Natori’s local product sections on the 2nd floor. And, there were gallery for Natori’s earthquake disaster reconstruction, character show and musical for children on the 1st floor. It was good opportunity to be known about Natori city by the people in and outside of the prefecture. We are planning for some fun ideas so please looking forward to the event this year. (2 days for 1st week of Saturday and Sunday in October)

Area Tatekoshi Area
Address Konuma,Shimomasuda,Natori City
Contact Information 022-382-6526(Natori Tourism Association)
Parking Pay Parking is available.
Access Sendai Airport Access Line ‘Sendai Airport Station’

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