Direct sales network Natori.

Fresh vegetables of the season and handmade products for meal.

They have delicious seasonal vegetables fruits, flowers, and handmade products that local “mothers” really want their family to eat.

They have Sendai Seri (Japanese parsley). It made in Natori.(●this mark have these vegetables etc. That will be sold out soon, so please check it early.)


Sale everyday

IEON Natori(super market) vegetables corner.

Address:Morisekinoshita5-3-1,Natori City


Across from Yurigaoka post office. Opening hour:pm1:00pm3:00.

Address: Cross from Yurigaoka 4-3-12,Natori City


Across from Natori city hall store. Opening hour:am11:30pm1:00.

Address:Aza yanagida80,Masuda,Natori City


JA Masuda brunch. Opening hour:pm3:00pm5:00.

Address:Masuda2-6-34,Natori City


IEON Natori(super market) south entrance 1A. Opening hour:am8:00am10:00.

Address:Morisekinoshita5-3-1,Natori City


Public bath Gokurakuyu. Opening hour: am10:00pm3:00

Address:Aza Hara463,Takou,Natori City

Area Natori Area
Contact Information Contact information: Please come to each places directly.

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