The long loved brand of soap, "Botchan Sekken"

“Botchan Sekken” soap is made from carefully selected natural beef tallow and palm oil to make it soft and gentle for skin. It is a pure and safe product with no additives such as perfume, fluorescent agents, and antioxidants. It causes very little skin irritation, so it is recommended for those who have dry and/or rough skin as well as babies and the elderly who have sensitive skin. A factory tour is available. You can get a bar of free soap after the tour. Also, you can purchase some products which are sold only at the factory.

Area Medeshima Area
Address Medeshimadai, 1-2-5, Natori City
Contact Information 022-383-2061, Toll free: 0120-001-878
Business Hours 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Regular holiday Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays
Parking Parking is available.
Access A-5 minute walk from Greenport Medeshima bus stop
URL http://www.botchan-sekken.jp/

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