The hot pot with “Seri” (Japanese parsley) harvested in Natori won first prize at the Sendai Hot Pot Festival.

This unique Sendai “Seri” (Japanese parsley) hot pot which won first prize at the Sendai Hot Pot Festival can be enjoyed when the Yuriage Port Morning Market is open. Try the reasonably priced Sendai Seri, harvested in Natori.

(It is not in season from April to October.)

Area Yuriage Area
Address Yuriage Port Morning Market, Yuriage, 5-23-20, Natori City
Business Hours 6:00 am – 1:00 pm on Sundays & Holidays
Regular holiday Monday - Saturday
Parking Parking is available. Parking for a large-sized bus is available.
Access Exit at the Natori Interchange from the Sendai Tobu Expressway. It is a 5 minute drive from there.

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