Sapporo Beer Park

Thoroughly enjoy freshly brewed beer and the lush biotope garden by the waterside

In the Sapporo Beer Park, there is a lush biotope garden by the waterside. Wild birds such as mallard ducks, and rufous turtledoves, seasonally roam the garden. You also can browse and enjoy the flowers that bloom along the footpath.

At this beer restaurant, designed like a German private house, you can enjoy barbecued mutton and a variety of other delicious food along with beer which is freshly brewed in the on-site beer factory.

Area Masuda Area
Address Tekurada, 310-1, Aza Yahata, Natori City
Contact Information Contact: 022-384-9301
Business Hours 11:30~22:00
Regular holiday Open throughout the year
Parking Parking is available
Access Across from the East gate of the JR Natori Station

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