A group giving information on the “Yuriage” earthquake disaster

Giving accounts of the disaster and the damage in the" Yuriage" area to the visitors


This group gives visitors an insight on the disaster and the aftermath in the “Yuriage” area. A guide joins your tour bus and goes around the “Yuriage” area telling you about the tragic events of the disaster. 

If your tour schedule is tight and you cannot come to the Market and/or the Pavilion, please let us know. If you register by fax, write a memo in relation to your itinerary. If you register via the Internet, please write your schedule after your name on the application form.

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閖上震災を伝える会 申込書



Area Tour route: Yuriage town ~ Hiyori Mountain ~ Memorial Monument ~ Yuriage Saikai Market / Maple Pavilion Length of the tour: 1.5 ~ 2 hours
Address 4-19, Yuriage, Natori City
Contact Information FAX: 022‐281‐9081
Regular holiday Saturday & Sunday
Parking Parking is available.
URL http://yuriage1.blog.fc2.com/