“Hanamachi Kagura”

“Hanamachi Kagura” was formerly known as “Kashima Kagura” because performances were held at the “Kashima” Shinto Shrine in “Iinozuka”; however, performances are now at the “Takekoshi” Shinto Shrine. After “Kashima” Shinto Shrine merged into “Takekoshi” Shinto Shrine, the Kagura was formally named Hanamachi Kagura.

The origin of “Hanamachi” and “Hanamachi Kagura”: When the feudal lord, “Date”, happened to pass by “Iinozaka” several hundred years ago, he was fascinated by the flowers along the street. Since then, “Iinozaka” has been called “Hanamachi”, which means “flower town” in Japanese, and “Kashima Kagura” became “Hanamachi Kagura”.

At the beginning of a sacred ceremony, a Shinto priest recites a prayer, and then the dance begins in silence.

*Performances are held every year in April at the “Tatekoshi” Shinto Shrine Festival.

Area Tatekoshi area
Address Aza Uematsu,Tatekoshi, 4-2-16, Natori City
Contact Information 022-382-3610
Parking Parking is available for 12 standard vehicles and mid-sized buses
Access It is about a 5-minute walk from JR Tatekoshi Station

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