To accommodate your outing, take advantage of our conveniently located parking lots!

Sanei Parking in front of Sendai Airport

Aza Konuma, Shimomasuda, 28-3, Natori City

Parking fee: 600 yen per day

Free shuttle bus service to and from Sendai Airport is available. (Approximately 1-2 minutes each way)

Contact: 022-384-6062

System Parking Corporation

Only 300 yen per day (meter parking). A good value for long-term use.

Contact: 022-355-2577

  • System Parking in front of Tatekoshi Station

    Aza Nishikida, Uematsu, 81-3, Natori City

    “Park-and-Ride” is environmental friendly and very conveniently located, as it is right in front of Tatekoshi Station. Space is available for 56 vehicles.

  • System Parking in front of Sendai Airport

    Aza Shintaku, Shimonogo, 303-1, Iwanuma City

    • A-10 minute walk to/from Sendai Airport
    • No shuttle bus service to the airport
    • No reservations required
    • Space available for 268 vehicles
    • Open 24 hours all year round.


Area Tatekoshi
Business Hours Open 24 hours

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