Kumano Shrine

One of ‘Natori Kumano Sanja’ and it is a pillar of them

Previously called ‘Kumano Shingusha’ but it was renamed to ‘Kumano Shrine’ since it was a pillar of ‘Natori Kumano Sanja’. Its enshrined deities are ‘Hayatama no onomikoto’, ’Izanami no mikoto’, ‘Kotosaka no onomikoto’, ‘Kukuri hime no kami’ and other 4. It received donations from Sendai feudal lords, and it had a strong relationship with Date family. In the heart of main shrine, Shoujyouden at the center, Nachi hiryu Gongen-sha at the west side and Jyunisha Gongen-sha and Natori Roujyono-Miya at the east side are stand in line. The building structure is called ‘Kumano zukuri’ and it was designated as tangible cultural properties in the city. And also, Kumanodou Kagura and Kumanodou gagaku were kept as intangible cultural property in the city appreciated their artistic and academic value.

Shunrei sai (Spring festival) : April 3rd Sundays Dedicate Kumanodou kagura・Kumanodou gagaku  

Shureisai (Fall festival) : October 2nd Saturdays…Dedicate Kumanodou Kagura 

Area Takadate Area
Address Aza Iwakuchinaka51,Kumanodou,Takadate,Natori City
Parking Parking Available (No charge/ Capacity: Approx. Car 6 / Bus parking is available)
Access 3 mins by walk from bus"Sogodai-Line"(Natorin-go) ‘Kumanodo’bus stop

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