Kumano Nachi shrine

One of Kumano Sanjya and you can see the view of Natori Plain and the Pacific Ocean from the hill top.

There are 6 enshrined including Kumano musubino-kami According to legend, when the Yuriage’s fisher man pulled up the enshrined object, it was the Takadate Mountain the light of the enshrined object stopped. So, people built Monmiya and worshipped as Haguro daigongen. Later, Natori’s old lady prayed for the coming of Kumano Sanjya’s deity, it was called ‘Kumano Nachi shrine’ worshiped Nachi’s devided shrine. The view from Natori plains to Yuriage beach from the viewing platform on the top of Shinto gate and there is Takizawa fudouson, enshrined Ofudo san near the fall behind the Shinto shrine. It is said that the location and the view has some similarities with Nachi Mountain in Kishu Kumano. Treasure of the shrine, Kumanonachi Shrine KenbutsuDoukyou are from Kamakura, Muromachi Era, and it was designated as national important tangible cultural property. Please make a reservation if you want to look on them. There are also ‘Kouyamaki(Japanese umbrella pine)’ distinguished as Kumano belief, the big Japanese cedar called ‘Yama-ichi’ and hydrangeas in Summer time. Since the shrine is connecting with the Takadate recreation facility with the walking course, you can enjoy the nature when you visit. There is also Kannon-dou of Oshu 33Kannon pligrimage near the shrine.

Area Takadate Area
Address Aza tateyama8,Yoshida,Takadate,Natori City
Parking Available (No charge / Capacity is approx. 6 cars and middle size bus can be parked)
Access 20 mins by walk from bus"Sogodai-Line"(Natorin-go) Nachigaoka shougakkou Mae bus stop

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