The grave of Lieutenant General “Fujiwara Ason Sanekata”

This is the grave of Lieutenant General "Fujiwara Sanekata" who is said to be the model of the leading character in “The Tale of Genji”.

In the middle of “Heian” era (794–1185), court noble, Lieutenant General “Fujiwara Ason Sanekata”, was talented at composing traditional Japanese poetry so called “Tanka”; moreover, he was regarded as one of the “Chuko Sanjurokkasen” (medieval 36 Immortal Poets). In addition, it is said that he was the model of the leading character in “The Tale of Genji”.

He was relegated by the Emperor to the “Mutsu” region due to a battle with “Yukinari Fujiwara”. Then, he fell off his horse and died there as he was supposed to get off from his horse when he passed by “Kasajima Dosojin” Shinto Shrine, but he did not; consequently, he was punished by the God.

Buddhist monk “Saigyo Hohshi”, haiku poet “Matsuo Basho”, and tanka poet “Masaoka Shiki” visited Natori to convey their deepest condolences. In memory of “Sanetaka”, there is a monument inscribed with a tanka poem by “Saigyo”, and another monument inscribed with a haiku poem by “Basho” near his grave.

Area Medeshima area
Address Aza Kitano,Medeshima shiote,42, Natori city
Contact Information 022-384-2111. (Natori City Office, Cultural Promotion Division in Natori City Office)
Parking Free parking is available for five standard vehicles.
Access Take the bus on the “Kita Mekamihara Line” (Natorin-go), and get off at "Dosojin-mae". From there, it is about a 12-minute walk.

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