The shrine which origin was related to ‘Nihon-Shoki(the oldest chronicles of japan)’.

Sarutahiko-kamiAmeno-izumeno-mikoto are worshipped as the enshrined deity asYamato-takeruno-mikoto’s praying for the coming of a deity in In KeikoEmperor era. It was called ’Doso-Shrine’ in Edo era but it was renamed to ’Saeno-Shrine’ in 1874. It enshrined together with Sague-Shrine located in Shiote in 1908. Lieutenant General Fujiwara Ason Sanekata who was the model of Hikaru-Genji in The Tale of Genji” didn’t get off from his horse and passed by the shrine when he visited this area. It was said that he died from falling off from his horse because of his rudeness in front of the God.

Area Medeshima Area
Address Aza Nishidai1-4,Kasajima,Medeshima,Natori City
Parking parking is available
Access 3 mins by walk from bus"Kitame uehara-Line"(Natorin-go) Dosojin-mae bus stop

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