Oshu 33 Kannon holy ground 1st,2nd,3rd, 5th temple

People pray for Kannon’s merciful love.

The thought of ‘Kanzeon bosatsu embodies thirty three figures and saves people’ is told and it is spread in various places. Oshu 33 Kannon holy ground locate in Miyagi, Iwate and Hukushima, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th temples locate in Natori. It is said that if you make Oushu pilgrimage once, you can live 3 years longer. If you do 2 times, 6 year and if you do 3rd times, 10 years longer.

1st temple Nachizan Shougaku-ji

Address: Aza Nishimasaka17,Takadateyoshida,Natori City

Jyuichimen Kanzeon bosatsu which was pulled up from the Yuriage beach is the principal image. Kannon dou locates near Kumano nachi Shrine.


2nd temple Tenmyouzan Shurokusai

Address: Aza Kamikanohigashi88,Takadateyoshida,Natori City

Shoukanzeno bosatsu which was Unkei’s work is the principal image. And, founder of Date, Naomune became a believer and since he worked hard to protect the temple, many goods relate with Date family remained.


3rd temple Kongou-ji Kanon-do

Address: Aza Hattan68,Takadatekawakami,Natori City

It’s another name isKawakami Kanon-doand it is familiarly known. Wooden statue with gilt, Jyuichimen Kanze Bosatsu which was Jikaku-taishi’s work is worshipped.


5th temple Natori Senju Kanon-do

Address: Yanagida384-5,Masuda,Natori City

Origin of ‘Kannon dou’ standing on the garden of private house is unknown but Senju Kanon inherited for generations is worshipped. You can pray from the road but please be quiet since it locates at the private house.

Area Medeshima Masuda Area

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