Imakumano shrine

The shrine which was built by Masamune’s order.

The shrine was built by Masamune Date’s order in 1600. The woman who had a deep belief for Kumano Sanjya Gogen deity and secluded herself in the mountain praying for building a shrine. And then, the head of Kawamura village who heard it petitioned Masamune and he accepted to build the shrine. Imakumano Shrine huzoku-kagurais handed down in the shrine. It is prayer’s dance called ‘Sakakiryu-kagura’ which is Iwato-kagura descended from Kumanodo-kagura. It started after receiving an official approve of appointment as huzoku-kagura in 1916.

Area Takadate Area
Address Aza kitadai10-1,Kawakami,Takadate,Natori City
Access 8 mins by walk bus"Takadate-Line"(Natorin-go) Hattan Bus stop

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