Andon Matsu

250 years old Kuromatsu trees (Japanese black pines).

The 140m long street lined with Japanese black pines along the south side of bank near the mouth of Natori River. Some trees are 25m heights and 3m widths and they are specially mentioned comparing with other Japanese black pines in Japan. They are brought from Ensyu(around Hamamatsu, Shizuoka now)by Masamune Date, the 1st load of Sendai, and they are parts of them which exist now. It is said that fishers used them as a lighthouse. Total 46 trees endured from Grate East Japan Earthquake.

Area Yuriage Area
Address Aza Shin-otsuka,Yuriage,Natori City
Access 15 mins by walk from bus(Natorin-go) ‘Yuriage Elementary School Mae’ bus station

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