Dosojin Kagura

Original rhythm of Kagura, the music and performers’ foot step link.

The Kagura of Saeno Jinja Shinto Shrine was handed down by the Shinto priest from Hitashi region (now, Ibaraki prefecture)Kashima Jinja Shinto Shrine in 1819. The Kagura is one of Iwato Kagura and the original rhythm is called Izumo style triple time and the sound of flute and drum is linked with performers’ foot step. There were 100 houses of Shaka and performed act 48 for 2 days, but they disbanded later. There were 14 houses from the middle to the end of Edo Era and act 18 were handed down to only 9 people of Shaka’s posterity. The performance is shown at Saeno Jinja Shinto Shrine festival(Every year in January, April, June and October)and others.

Area Medeshima Area
Address Aza Nishidai1-4,Kasajima,Medeshima,Natori City
Parking parking is available
Access Bus Kitameuehara-ine(Natorin-go)

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