Kumanodou Bugaku

One of the local Bugaku in the city

The year Bugaku is introduced to Kumano shrine is unknown, but it’s been told that the style came from Musician, Hayashike who accompanied the founding Yamadera(Yamagata City)of Jikaku-taishi in 860. 5 songs the subject of which were mythology「Ki-Ki」 are shown on the aquatic stage set up specially on the lake in front of the hall of worship after dedicating Kagura(sacred music and dance). Kumano-dou Bugaku is one of a few Bugaku(court dances and music) handed down in the city. 7 shake(family of Shinto priests serving a shrine on a hereditary basis) inherited it and it never taking off premises. It is shown in Kumano Shrine Shunreisai (every year in April)

Area Takadate Area
Address Aza Iwakutikami51,Kumanodou,Takadate,Natori City
Parking Parking is available
Access 3 mins from bus”sogodai Line”(Natorin-go) `Kumano dou` bus station

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