Kaniou Mountain and Chifukuji Temple

Kani kuyou which is called Kaniou Mountain

There was the servant’s daughter who took good care of the Crab in the pod. The crab helped the daughter when she was attached by the snake. Since then, people started to hold a memorial service and prayers can be heard (the story is from Natori ‘s old tale). Since crabs collect stones, it is said that wishes for prosperous business and money can be heard especially. Currently, the temples and Shrines which hold a memorial service for crabs are only Chifukuji Temple and Kanimanji Temple in Japan.

Area Medeshima Area
Address AzaKamikitazawa2,Kasajima,Medeshima,Natori City
Parking parking is available
Access 5 mins by walk from bus"Medeshima-Line"(Natorin-go) Shifukuin-mae bus stop

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