The cemetery of old lady and Kumano Sanjya in Shimoyouden

The first shrine from ‘Natori Kumano Sanjya’ which was prayed for the coming of a deity by old lady.

The tomb of the Natori’s old lady】 

Address:Iizuka289, Shimoyouden, Natori city

There was a Miko who had gone to worship at Kishu Kumano in Natori every year. After she got old and was not able to go, she built a small ‘Kumano Sanjya’ and prayed. The mountain priest who traveled got the message from Kumano Gogen deity and was guided by a leaf to visit the old lady. Because of her deeply religious mind was spread and it is told that ‘Kumano dou’ and ‘Yoshida’ was prayed for the coming of deity of ‘Natori Kumano Sanjya’ in 1120’s. The tomb of Natori’s old lady was built to remember her faithful mind in 1811 by the residents.


Kumano Sanjya in Shimoyouden

The faith of Kumano grew in the nature of Kishu Kumano believe in three main Kumano Shrines(Kumano Hongu Taisha,Kumano Hayatama Taisha,Kumano Nachi Taihsa). Normally the three shrines are enshrined together to other places, but each shrines of Natori Sanjya were transferred of a divided tutelary deity. Each shrines of Sanjya is in Takadate and Kumano Sanjya in Simoyouden is also unforgettable. It was transferred of a divided together by the old lady who didn’t forget to visit Kishu Kumano. All three shrines of Kumano sanjya are located in the individual houses so please ask the residents for permission before entering the shrines. If residents are not at home, you cannot enter the shrines.


■Kumano Hongu Shrine 

Kakinuma’s house Address : Aza Kusakurata368-1,Shimoyouden,Natori City


■Kumano Shrine 

Watabe’s house Address : Aza Kusakurata680-1,Shimoyouden,Natori City


■Kumano Nachi Shrine 

Kato’s house Address : Aza Iizuka227-1,Shimoyouden,Natori City


Area Masuda Area
Address 上記参照
Contact Information
Parking 無し

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