A village-vicinity mountain which is academically known for its rich biota.

Goshazan” is a typical mountain located near villages in Miyagi Prefecture. It is located in an ecotone which switches over from a mild climate to a cool one. Thanks to this climate, the various plants and creatures make an inhabiting rich biota which has become academically valuable. In spring, you can enjoy observing various wild flowers and trees such as the rhododendron and violets growing along the natural observation trail.

For details, refer to the top page “Hiking the mountain near Natori”. The hike, about 8 kilometers, allows you to enjoy the abundant natural beauty which surrounds you. This course is designed for those who have intermediate or higher mountain hiking skills. If you do not have the required skills and/or have any doubts about walking the course, you can ask for a guide from “Buna-no-kai” Please request for a guide or send any inquiries from “Contact us” on the top page.

Fee: 1,000 yen/person

*Small groups are also welcomed.

Area Medeshima area
Address Medeshimadai, 7-101-56, Natori City
Parking Parking for three vehicles is available.

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