Takadate Mountain Recreation Facility

The mountain which is good for taking a walk in the nature.

Takadate Mountain is blessed with a richness of nature, such as fir, Quercus salicina、Japanese oak and etc…The beauty of view of Natori city from the mountain is receiving attention and there was ‘Takadate castle’ near the top of the mountain. It is said that Fujiwara no Hidehira built a castle on the ruins of Takadate castle in 1175. Now, there are recreation facility, ‘Miharashi hiroba’ to see the view of Pacific Ocean and Kinkazan and ‘Ikoino Hiroba’ which has Azumaya. If you walk a little bit further, you can visit ‘Kumano nachi shrine’.

Area Takadate Area
Address Aza tateyama,Takadateyoshida,Natori city
Parking Parking available
Access 25 mins by walk from bus “Sougodai Line”(Natorin-go), ‘Nachigaoka Elementary School mae’ bus stop

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