Sendai Airport Museum “Tobuccha”

“Tobuccha” is a must see!

You can see genuine cockpit instruments, an aircraft’s galley, and business class seats, or  try the flight simulator for 100 yen. The Sendai Airport mascot, “Heron-kun”, guides you through the airport in a short film. There is an area in the airport where you can get more detailed information on the airport’s job structure and aircrafts though films and poster panels. Come, enjoy and sense the reality of the sky!

In addition, enjoy the observation deck, restaurants, and well-stocked souvenir shops located in the terminal.

Area Tatekoshi area
Address Aza Minamihara, Shimomasuda, Natori City
Contact Information Sendai Airport Information Desk: 022-382-0080
Business Hours 9:00 am – 7:00 pm throughout the year.
Parking Pay parking is available.
Access Take the Sendai Airport Access Line to Sendai Airport Station.

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