Sendai Airport

It is the biggest airport in the Tohoku region; the symbol of globalization.

Using the convenience of the three major highways which run through Miyagi Prefecture, and the Tohoku Honsen line, “Sendai Airport” has continued to develop as an economically active and international hub. The new passenger’s terminal, completed in 1997, has a ripple-design roof, as well as a departure lounge with an entire glass wall that allows the sunlight to flow right through into the heart of the building. With its dynamic design, futuristic appearance, and fully equipped facilities, Sendai Airport warmly welcomes everyone as a symbol of globalization. You can not only fly in and out of the airport, but also enjoy the view from the observation deck, visit the airport museum, dine at one of the restaurants, or shop at one of the souvenir shops in the terminal. On any occasion, it is a recommended and great place to spend your time!

A ceramic relief plate “Kinka Doji Riding the Waves accompanied by Fujin and Rijin”, originally painted and supervised by world-renowned Japanese cartoonist “Katsuhiro Otomo”, is being exhibited in the arrival lobby on the first floor. Don’t miss this attraction when you come to Sendai Airport.

Area Tatekoshi area
Address Aza Minamihara, Shimomasuda, Natori City
Contact Information Sendai Airport Information Desk: 022-382-0080
Business Hours Hours 6:30 am – 9:30 pm throughout the year
Parking Free parking is available.
Access Take the Sendai Airport Line to Sendai Airport Station.