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Highly recommend! Special Tempura bread.

We recommend [Special Tempura bread]. It is broad on TV many times.
Some people come to morning market to buy it.
The bread has a four kind of tastes; custard cream, anko (bean jam), curry and chocolate.
That bread is very popular as delicious dough, which is handmade and fluffy. They have so many kind of bread, such as french bread and kinds of denisshu, sweet roll, side dish bread, sandwich, hamburger, baked confectionery.
If you would like to order these bread, we prepare in next morning market.

Area Yuriage Area
Address Yuriage Port Morning Market, Yuriage, 5-23-20, Natori City
Business Hours Hours: 6:00 am – 1:00 pm on Sundays & Holidays
Regular holiday Closed: Monday - Saturday
Parking Parking is available. Parking for a large-sized bus is available.
Access Access: Exit at the Natori Interchange from the Sendai Tobu Expressway. It is a 5 minute drive from there.

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