Number one traditional fish paste, “Palmed Kamaboko”

Sasanao is the long-established shop started making bamboo-leaf-shaped Kamaboko than 1890.
They started to preserve large amounts of flatfish that was caught in the net-fishing method in Yuriage area, and put them out into the world as “palmed Kamaboko”.
The fish cake is the predecessor of the current bamboo-leaf-shaped fish paste.
This “palmed Kamaboko”, the very traditional fish paste, is reproduced recipe at the time, create form and char-broiled one by one by hand.
Besides, the “Shunkaizuke”; fresh fish pickles persistence to Sendai miso and sake, is also very popular.

Area Masuda Area
Address Aza yanagida353-1,Masuda,Natori City (direct store by factory)
Business Hours Hours: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Regular holiday Closed: Wednesdays
Parking Parking is available.
Access Take the train on the Sendai Airport Line and get off at Mori-sekinoshita Station. It is a 5 minute walk from there.

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