“Kotobuki Sanshoku Monaka Hompo”

Three different tastes in one cake!

“Sanshoku Monaka” contains three different fillings: red bean paste, white bean paste, and sesame paste or green tea paste. “Kuri-Youkan” is a bar of sweet jellied red bean paste with diced chestnut. There are several other kinds of Japanese confectioneries in the shop. Free coffee is available in the eat-in area.

Area Masuda Area
Address Aza Yanagida, Masuda, 254-3, Natori City
Contact Information 022-384-4939
Business Hours 9:00 am – 7:00 pm Open throughout the year
Parking Parking is available.
Access A-15 minute walk from JR Natori Station
URL http://www.sanshokumonaka.jp/

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