Seri (Japanese parsley) hot pot

Seri, Japanese parsley, has a cultivation history of 380 years or more. It is grown in Natori, but it is famous under the name of “Sendai Seri”. Try the fresh Seri hot pot harvested in Natori. It’s like “Shabu-shabu” ! You rarely eat the roots of vegetables, but the root of the seri is edible and delicious. The seri hot pot won the Sendai hot pot festival title consecutively for two years. Seri has become a big hit following the ark shell.

You can enjoy seri hot pot at the following restaurants:

Ryotei Hamaya

Phone: 022-398-5547
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Japanese soba noodle restaurant; ENZO

Mori-Sekinoshita, 5-31-1, Natori City
Phone: 022-796-4127
Irregular hours of business


Yuriage Morning Market, Yuriage, 5-23-20, Natori City
Hours : 6:00 am – 1:00 pm on Sundays & Holidays(Mainly during Octber-April)
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