“Sasa Kamaboko”

"Sasa Kamaboko", a fish cake, originated in Natori.

In the territory of the Sendai feudal clan, there was a beautiful stretch of sandy seashore dotted with pine trees. The area was good for catching flatfish, especially, in the “Yuriage” area. The ancestor of the current fish cake shop owner, who has been in the same business since the “Keio” period (1865-1868), had his eyes set on a fish-preserving business. He minced, shaped and grilled the paste of flatfish. Then in 1890, he produced and marketed a fish cake which became known as Sasa Kamaboko. The method of making this fish cake has been inherited even now.

You can eat “Sasa Kamaboko” at the following locations


Masuda, 353-1, Aza Yanagida, Natori City
Phone: 022-395-5155
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Masuda, 3-10-13, Natori City
Phone: 022-384-8185
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