Yuriage Harbor Morning Market Tour (English)

Yuriage Harbor Morning Market Cooperative Chairman

 櫻井広行 Koichi Sakurai Presents

Yuriage Harbor Morning Market Tour

~Fish Market Pros will teach visitors  about being a fish connoisseur~



First Tour 8am-8:40am

Second Tour 9am-9:40am


Participation Fee:High School and older, 1-person 1000yen

(Include Japanese & English guides)

Junior Highschool and younger, Free

But…Participants (High School and older) will receive

a 1000yen coupon that can be used at the market

the Yuriage Morning Market!


Meeting Location: Yuriage Harbor Morning Market Maple Hall



一般社団法人 名取市観光物産協会(Natori Tourism association) 

Tell us participants name, age, number of participants, address and phone number,

desired time of participation, please.

Click our HP , and use contact form


【cooperation】Miyagi inbound DMO association

ATTENTION: For infectious disease control, wear a mask, use proper hand hygiene, and please cooperate with the thermometer for the day. Please refrain from participating if the body temperature on the day is 37.5 degrees or higher. This event may be changed or canceled depending on the spread of infectious diseases.