Introduction of Natori.

Natori-city is in the south of Miyagi-prefecture. The city has Sendai airport which is the biggest airport in Tohoku area. It is very convenient.

What is the meaning of Natori’s revived cherry trees?

Many people were killed within minutes in the "Yuriage" area by the March 11th, 2011 tsunami; however, a few cherry trees survived the tsunami and some cherry blossoms bloomed in April, a month after the disaster. We named these trees “Natori’s Revived Cherry Trees”

A tour of “Natori Kumano Sanja”; Three Shinto Shrines

Natori is the only place in Japan where "Kumano Sanzan"’s three major Shinto Shrines were enshrined separately. Take a tour of "Natori Kumano Sanja", three Shinto Shrines.

“Yuriage” Port Morning Market

The market was once destroyed by the tsunami, but it reopened after restorations were completed.

Access leading out of Natori City is expanding.

Set off on your journey to various spots in the Tohoku region.

Natori City tourism mobile app has been completed

This app gives you information about Natori City; for example, history, sightseeing spots, tourist information including restaurants, and 100 walking courses which introduce the city’s greatest views.

Opportunity to learn about the Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

In order to reduce the number of victims in future disasters, the Natori Tourism Association provides a tour to educate people and students, who come to Natori on school field trips, on disaster prevention.

Grilled “Sasa-kamaboko” (Fish Cake)

AR Glass Tour

Rice Bowl and Sushi with “Yuriage” Ark Shell

Winning fame throughout the country, the high-quality "Yuriage" ark shell is called the real thing at "Tsukiji" Market in Tokyo for its thick but tender texture.

“Yuriage” Port Morning Market Auction

Feel free to take part in this event, and get a bargain at the market!

Sendai Airport Museum “Tobuccha”

“Tobuccha” is a must see!


One of Tohoku’s biggest ancient burial mounds