The base for travel in Tohoku.

Natori City is located in the south-central area of Miyagi Prefecture, along the Pacific Ocean. About 80,000 people live in the Natori plains, also called the Sendai plains, “Takadate” hill, and “Medeshima” hill. The Natori river, a class A river, flows from the “Oou” mountain range, and “Yuriage” ,which has been restored from the Great East Japan Earthquake is situated at the estuary of the river. There is a lot of cultural and historical heritage; for example, the “Natori Kumano Sanja Sansha” (Three Shinto Shrines), and the “Raijinyama” ancient burial mound. Moreover, Sendai Airport, serving as the gateway for the Tohoku region, also it takes about 20 minuites from Sendai Station. Nature, history and contemporary technology are integrated to make this city attractive.