Introduction of Natori


Natori City is located in the south-central area of Miyagi Prefecture, along the Pacific Ocean. About 76,000 people live in the Natori plains, also called the Sendai plains, “Takadate” hill, […]

Natori’s Mascot

The Name of Natori City’s mascot is “Carna-kun”  Who has a carnation flower on his head. His name is derived from carnation flower and Natori. His body is designed as […]

The History of Natori

An abundance of history remains in Natori City. ・The Tumulus period in the 4th century: The famous “Raijinyama Kofun” is one of the biggest ancient burial mounds in Tohoku. ・During […]

Restoration from the Disaster

The coastal area of Natori City was destroyed by the Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami on March 11th, 2011. Notably in “Yuriage”, where the area had been flourishing as […]

Special Regional Products

You can enjoy various local products which were grown in the abundant nature of Natori. Some of the most famous products to mention are: ark shells from “Yuriage”, Japanese parsley […]