We planning to make a new sightseeing spot which plant seed of cherry-blossom for reconstruction.
We grow up new seed by revived cherry trees. It was survived by the TSUNAMI in Yuriage-district where many people died by the disaster.

Cherry trees after the disaster

People found hope when they saw some cherry blossoms blooming among the debris after the disaster. Cherry blossoms blooming in April of 2011 (Photo by Mr. Seishin Kosai, Natori City)

What is the meaning of Natori’s revived cherry trees?

Many people were killed within minutes in the "Yuriage" area by the March 11th, 2011 tsunami; however, a few cherry trees survived the tsunami and some cherry blossoms bloomed in April, a month after the disaster. We named these trees “Natori’s Revived Cherry Trees”

The revival and start of cherry trees from seedlings

Even though everything in the “Yuriage” area was washed away, the cherry blossoms bloomed in April, only a month after the tsunami. They were “Somei-Yoshino” cherry trees. It is said that all “Somei-Yoshino” trees are the descendant of one original tree. The way to produce a new cherry tree is to take a seedling from the branch of the tree, germinate it and nurse it into a young tree. We would like to produce new cherry trees to mourn the lost lives and activate the local community by planting new ones. We take some seedlings from the surviving cherry trees and nurse them into young trees, which we named “Natori’s […]

Cherry Trees at Sendai Airport

There were some cherry trees which were swallowed by the tsunami at Sendai Airport. These were “Oshima-sakura”, which can be used as parent trees for grafting.

The Cherry Tress which were nursed into young trees from seedlings

-November 2012: Nursed from seedlings in September 2011, they have grown into young cherry trees. -We called for foster parents to raise the young trees at a special exhibition booth at the Natori Autumn Festival. -We found foster parents for all of the young trees thanks to everyone’s cooperation. -45 young trees will be looked after at each foster parent’s house or office.

Planting Ceremony at Exhibition Sites

Venue: The existing site of “Sasanao”, a fish cake factory Date: November 8, Wednesday, 2012 We held a planting ceremony at the existing site of “Sasanao”, a fish cake factory. This factory building was only a shell as everything inside was destroyed by the tsunami, and it stood alone in the “Yuriage” area where there were no houses or buildings remaining. In order to avoid the salty sea breeze, we made a vinyl greenhouse at the side of the factory site and exhibited some young trees with a big and a small signboard. During the ceremony, the young trees were planted by the Mayor of Natori City, Mr. Ichijuro Sasaki, […]