Cherry Trees at Sendai Airport

The “Natori’s Revived Cherry Trees” are the trees which survived and bloomed even after being hit by the tsunami in the “Yuriage” area, Natori City. There is only one type of cherry tree in the “Yuriage” area, the “Somei-Yoshino”. According to a plant specialist, it was not recommended to make an area with only one type of cherry tree as the blooming period would be short. Then, a person in charge of public relations for Japan Air Lines informed us that there were other types of cherry trees in the Sendai Airport area; they were the “Yaezakura” and “Oshimazakura”. These trees became a part of the Natori’s revived cherry trees as they are in Natori City and the location of the trees is connected to “Yuriage” by the “Teizan” Canal.

Here is the report relating to pruning some branches from the cherry trees at Sendai Airport.

Date: March 8th, 2012 at 2:00 pm

Place: The green buffer zone at the side of the runway at Sendai Airport

*Generally, only authorized personnel are allowed to enter this zone; however, we got special permission to enter the zone accompanied by airport staff to prune some cherry branches.

Operator: Mr. Hideaki Tanaka from Yuki Farms of The Flower Association of Japan

Cooperator: Mr. Masayuki Ogata from Shibata Agricultural High School

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